Convertlines is an cloud integration company focused on solutions
that meet the changing needs of a modern organization.

Our clients receive a complete, hands-on alternative to a traditional, in house IT department..

Four Reason To Work Us


Integrated Cloud solutions allow for seamless and accurate transfer of data between applications.


Once you have the basics right in the Cloud, you can easily duplicate your integrated Cloud solution.


Complete cloud integration gets all areas of your business communicating, about everything.


Cloud integration delivers real-time results from the day your applications are connected together.

Payroll & Cloud Accounting Services

Business Services

Business Growth thru Business Services

We understand most small businesses do not have buying or negotiating power and struggle to find the best fit for their business needs. Our job is to do that for you and simplify the business services selection process so you can focus on growing your bottom line.

What Convertlines Merchant Services Delivers

Teaming with multiple credit card processing and merchant account service providers, Convertlines looks for the best fit for you and your business at the lowest cost based on your requirements.

Managed Your Business Anywhere

Deploy a mobile solution with our mobile focus partners